Past Events

It Takes a Community: Oregon silverspot butterfly conservation, research and outreach


Come hear USFS Wildlife biologist, Samantha Derrenbacher provide an overview of the strategies being used and an update on efforts to monitor, conserve and protect the Oregon Silverspot butterfly: Speyeria zerene hippolyta.


The size of this comma: , . 

That is the size of a newly hatched Oregon silverspot butterfly (Speyeria zerene hippolyta) caterpillar. And as you can imagine, finding this tiny federally-threatened caterpillar in the wild would be next to impossible – the ultimate little brown needle in a giant meadow haystack. However, if we could find them, then a door will be opened to a previous unknown understanding of at-risk pollinator species and prairie habitats. A conservation team comprise of Federal, University, State, non-profit and private partners is making headway to start opening that door. Over the next ten years, we are developing methods in which we can consistently find wild caterpillars to monitor management effectiveness; tracking captive-reared and released individuals to enlighten the research and conservation community; and restoring native prairie habitat to support the butterfly and other native pollinators. Join us to learn more and hear about these conservation projects linked to your coastal Oregon and Washington backyard.

This event lecture is part of the Northwest Lepidopterists workshop that takes place every year.  

Oregon State University, Corvallis Campus, Ag Life Science building 4001

44th annual* Pacific Northwest Lepidopterists Workshop


We are  extremely proud to announce the 44th Pacific Northwest Lepidopterists Workshop.   

The official program for this year's event can be downloaded below:

Highlighted events at this year's meeting:

  • Specific taxa of interest are: 
    • Butterflies: Nymphalidae: Crescents (Chlosyne & Phyciodes)
    • Moths:  Erebidae: Underwings: (Catocala)
  • Keynote talk is by Samantha Derrenbacher, USFW biologist
    It Takes a Community: Oregon Silverspot Butterfly Conservation, Research and Outreach
  • Open house in the newly renovated collection space, highlighting the recent donation of butterflies by NW Lepidopterists Workshop founding member: Dr. David McCorkle.

Also: portions of this years workshop will be available to watch online via Zoom.  Pre-registration to attend the workshop portions online is necessary.  Online attendance to the keynote address does not require pre-registration.


Cordley Hall, Rm 2112A (sign-in)

Creepy Crawly - Night at the Museum

Come see the creepiest hee-bee-jeeb-iest specimens in two of the university's biggest collections: the Oregon State Arthropod Collection and the OSU Herbarium.....scorpions... meat-eating plants - poisonous things... parasitic things.... oh there are so many things to make you squirm! 

This Night-at-the-Museum event put on by the OSU BugClub, the Integrative Biology Club, the OSU Botany Club, the OSU Herpetology Club and the OSU Bird Nerds -- will be a SPOOKTACULAR opportunity to see some interesting creatures and learn about these two collections!

Costumes encouraged!

OSU Campus, Cordley Hall (west side-- 2nd floor)

Openhouse IB/campus

Openhouse to showcase the newly renovated space to campus community