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The Oregon State Arthropod Collection the largest entomological research collection in the Pacific Northwest with a history extending back into the early years of the Oregon State College (1860's/1870's). Since then, we've continued to grow and support entomological research and teaching at OSU and the entire region.  Today, we are a research collection of nearly 3 million specimens representing insects and other arthropod species from around the world.

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What do we do?

The OSAC is the largest insect collection in the PNW with nearly 3 million specimens. We are used by researchers both here in Oregon and around the world who require access to research grade specimens to conduct their scientific studies. Many of these scientists are discovering new species and genera, or seeking to understand the evolutionary history, as well as biological complexity, of insects that live here. But many other types of researches and non-researchers use the collection as well.

News & Events

NW Lepidopterists Workshop

Join butterfly and moth enthusiasts, researchers and collectors in our annual workshop -- the main events take place the weekend of October 22nd/23rd. More details to come
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New Course in Insect Taxonomy

David Maddison and Chris Marshall will be teaching a new field-based course on Insect Taxonomy next fall (2015). The course is actually two companion courses, one of which is a 2 week field course t…
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