Hymenoptera Collection

The Hymenoptera collection is diverse in its Sphecidae (sand wasps), Vespidae (paper wasps and hornets), and Apidae (bees). Our wasp collection was built up over many years, and benefited heavily from the accessions of Herman Scullen, who was hired by the OSU Entomology Department from 1920-1953. After his retirement, Dr. Scullen continued an active research program for many years.

Another important donor to the OSU Hymenoptera collection was George Ferguson, who spent many years amassing a sizeable collection of Sphecoid and Vespoid wasps.

Currently and historically OSU has has a number of entomologists interested in bees and pollination biology. As a result OSAC has an excellent bee collection. In additions to the specimens collected by H. Scullen and G. Ferguson are many bees contributed by Andrew Moldenke and W. P. Stephen. The families Adrenidae, Colletidae and the genus Bombus are particularly strong.