Coleoptera Collection

Making up nearly 25% of our holdings - the beetle collection is certainly one of OSAC's strengths. The collection is exceptionally strong in the Carabidae, Staphylinidae, Scarabaeidae, Lampyridae, Chrysomelidae, and Curculionidae.

The history of the collection includes a number of Coleopterists including Paul O. Ritcher, who was one of the the museum's historical curators.

Additionally, the exceptionally large beetle collection of Melville H. Hatch, arrived at OSAC in the early 1980's which included Victorian-era material purchased by his predecessor, Dr. Trevor Kinkaid, who is considered the father of entomology in the PNW.

Substantial accessions to the beetle collection occured over the years as a result of the many avid PNW beetle collectors associated with OSAC such as Kenneth Fender, David McCorkle, Gary Parsons, James LaBonte, Andrew Moldenke, Loren Russell....and many more.