Visiting Researchers

Researchers are very welcome at the OSAC and we'll do what we can to help you access the material you need and make use of our resources.  If your needs are relatively small (e.g., you wish to see a few specimens of particular species, or review our holdings for a particular taxon), please feel welcome to just stop by during our normal operating hours.  If you think your research will require several days or longer, or require access to large portions of the collection please contact us beforehand to ensure that the collection will be open for the entire length of your stay.  Also, we have basic curatorial supplies and several Lecia M-6 available for visitors, but if you have particular resources you will need, let us know, as we might be able to acquire them before your visit.

The collection is open for researchers from M-F 9-5pm (no weekends or evenings).

If you have just moved to Oregon and plan to visit and conduct research at the OSAC on a regular basis, please consider becoming an Museum or Curatorial Associate.