Pacific Northwest Lepidopterists Workshop - registration

Hi everyone,

You can use this page to register for the upcoming workshop.  Registration is free, but will allow us to know how many attendees to expect and also learn a bit about the audience.

When you submit your registration, you should receive a confirmation email (to the email address you entered). If you do NOT receive a confirmation within ~10 minutes (check your spam folder), it's quite likely that you mis-typed your email (a few people did this last year, so we know it happens). If this happens, please try to re-register. If you still do not receive a confirmation email, contact me directly at: and I will manually add you to the registration list.


IMPORTANT: You will not receive the meeting zoom link immediately when you register.  We will send that out (to the registered attendees) closer to the event date of Feb 4th, 2022.  We ask that once you get the link that you refrain from sharing it directly with others.  You may however feel free to share this registration page so that others who might be interested in attending can register.  We will make sure that even last minute registrants are able to access the zoom link.  Thanks.



Please let us know if you are affiliated with an organization (professional or social) that is related to Lepidoptera, entomology and/or biodiversity/conservation.
Do you have specific Lepidoptera interests? (e.g., specific taxonomic groups of interest or areas like conservation, juveniles, etc.). Input received here may influence future content at upcoming workshops.
Check this checkbox if you have completed the webform and are ready to submit (this is here because the form was submitting before people were done).